Today on the train a black woman three seats away offered me a seat next to her



Mouthing words of understanding

Kindred Spirits

Pleasing and appeasing the needs of others with less of an ancestral weight

of womaness

of blackness

The seat was left empty for stops

Emptiness filled with fear of black skin and

kindness for her likeness


Can I get a witness?

Can I get a witness?

To stand still, take note, connect

In love with new, in touch with old

Holland Cotter on Alma Thomas

My thoughts on my medium

Using a system mastered by masters to describe my life

Paint as descriptor

Index and personal history

Familial power

Blood and cells

Trauma on a cellular level

Joy on a cellular level

Passed down

My sister taught me of Henrietta Lacks

She wrote about connectedness

She had no idea how truly connected she was


Terroir is the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype

Hamza Walker

Man as descriptor



Finger and hand

Body and blood again

Transfer the weight

The joy

Hold it

Hold it there

Stand still, take note, connect

Can I get a witness?


born with a finite number

dissipating like jazz

on an inconsistent beat