Can I get a Witness

Can I get a Witness is a performance that asks the viewer to pause and be a witness to paint as performance. The vessels act as a metaphor for bodies, the paint is a metaphor for that which we can not feel, know, or describe; a metaphor for what is transmitted between bodies as we connect with one another.

This piece was most recently performed at Albright-Knox Art Gallery and LSU Museum of Art.

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in an effort to be held

The installation In an Effort to be Held visually and tactically engages with the viewer around themes of connectedness, touch, and my/ the body. Acting as a metaphor for my body/ bodies, the viewer is invited to touch the ceramic cell-like catchall vessels filled with skin toned paint via a subtle invitation of white museum gloves on the table and the title plaque. What happens next is a moment of vulnerability. The assumption is that there is an understanding of fragility. The invitation is also extended for the viewer to manipulate the placement of the catchalls. This constant change as multiple people come in contact with the piece over time references the changes that occur both within us and outwardly as we connect with others. The cell like structure of the shapes speak to the idea of joy, fear, and trauma living within us on a cellular level and the fact that we are constantly changed and effected by those who touch us. By asking the viewer to look, subtly inviting them to touch, and change the piece, I hope the viewer is reminded of how they connect to my body/ bodies around them and the impact they have on others.

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